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Howdy and thanks for taking time to visit my little corner of the web. If you are looking for lots of fun graphics and clipart to use for FREE, then this is the place you are looking for. As a freelance illustrator for many years I used to make clipart and graphics for software programs like PrintShop and for companies like Mattel Interactive. Now as a stay at home mom for my two beautiful special needs boys, I decided to create a blog where I could share my art. So please bookmark me and come back often to see what cool stuff I'll be offering.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Victorian Christmas Children

Well it's December 16th and only 9 days until Christmas. I just can't believe it! Every year it sneaks up faster and faster it seems and I'm always rushing around to play catch up. Today I'm really feeling in the Christmas spirit because we got a couple of inches of snow and everything is White. It's just perfect. Now I will say I'm not looking for another snow season like last year with 2 huge blizzards. I really don't want 3 feet of snow dropping in 24 hours again, but a nice little covering for Christmas, I'll take.
Today I've posted some more lovely Victorian Christmas Postcards with Children. They really are just beautiful. I especially like the one of the little girl in her Christmas dress with her dolly. I hope you will find some fun creative uses for them!

Happy Holidays!

Nestled in Bed










  1. Hi Chris, I promise not to over stay my welcome, but I was very touched to hear about your boys. For a living I work with an employment agency for individuals with disabilities, young kids just out of high school needing their first job. It is my calling in life and one I am passionate about. Individuals on the Spectrum in particular are my most favorite individuals to know. They love patterns, and I love patterns, we speak each others language. I think you are a very lucky mother indeed! Elizabeth

  2. Chris, you share the loveliest vintage images--thank-you so much! Thanks, also, for you kind visits! I'll be following along...

    Hope your weekend is beautiful and that you enjoy these wonderful days leading up to Christmas with your sweet family...


  3. Chris, these images are terrific! Thanks so much for your generosity, and thanks for your blog visit and comment. Good luck in my drawing too! Warm wishes for a very Happy Holiday!!! Hugs, Terri

  4. These are indeed wonderful images. I've included some on my latest post at http://gettingalongwithgrief.blogspot.com They are posted with a delightful poem by Eileen Hector about celebrating and remembering her Grandmother at Christmas. I've added a credit for you at the end of the post, linked to this blog, and linked to your Café Press store. That is one very cool punk rock snowman! Happy holidays!